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The rules of erotic massage

The basic rules of erotic massage

During the erotic massage, you must forget about time and exclude all negative thoughts, because through the hands all negative and excitement will be transmitted to the partner.

Erotic massage is designed to relax the person, andDo not cheer, so the minimum temperature in the room should be 25 degrees. It will not be bad if you settle down on the floor, bedding a beautiful blanket or blanket.

As for smells, it is aboutIndividual perception, so both partners should decide this question. The most often used for massage are ylang-ylang, patchouli, sandal. A bottle of oil before use, it is desirable to hold it in hot water for a while.

To strengthen the tactile perception of a partner,You can tie his eyes. If you feel that your partner is tense, massage should begin with the chest. Gentle touch will help to relax and restore the normal rhythm of breathing.

Touch your partner gently and gently. The most sensitive places are the inner surface of the hands and thighs, the area under the knees, the back of the head, and the genitals.

Massage equipment

Very important role in creating an excitingRomantic atmosphere is played by musical accompaniment. Relaxing meditative music should be prepared in advance. After you proceed directly to the process of massage, you can not interrupt any extraneous activities. Therefore, it is important to take care not only of the appropriate music, but also about the duration of the recording, so that it does not end at the most inopportune moment.

Before the erotic massage is very excitingA striptease will work. You can undress yourself, winking and smiling at your partner. You can undress one another. Fantasy in this case is welcome.

Take care of the place for the procedureMassage. The room should have soft muted lighting, you can light the candles. You will do a full body massage, so think about making it easy for the partner to approach from all sides. Massage on a hard mattress on the bed or just on the floor. Be sure to spread the towel so as not to remove any oil stains from the covers.

Erotic massage in the bathroom

If the usual erotic massage you have already done to your loved one and want to surprise him, do it in the bathroom. Be sure to give the water a pleasant aroma, add a bath foam or aromatic salt.

Start with a head massage, rub the whiskey, smoothly go over to your face. Then gently swipe your neck. To massage was even more pleasant, smear your hands with a special massage bath oil.

Smoothly drop from the shoulders down to the hips, afterThen go to the massage of the abdomen and chest. Stroke your legs and arms. In principle, it does not matter which massage technique you use, if only your movements were gentle and gentle.

If we talk about the most erotic part of the massage inBathroom, then you can use a large arsenal of improvised tools. It can be a sponge, a sponge, soap, a towel and everything else, depending on your imagination and ingenuity.

Erotic massage - it's tenderness and relaxation, the opportunity only two to immerse themselves in this euphoria.

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