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Characteristics of jealousy

Jealousy is contradictory

Every person is different - this is for no one.A secret, and each interprets for himself the concept of freedom of relations. It often happens that for you a certain act is inconceivable and passes any boundaries, and for another it is quite normal things and he himself, perhaps, also acts. The same with the notion of treason. For you, betrayal may even be a smile or a gentle welcome, for another it is insignificant and he will not even turn to this understanding. Do not make hasty conclusions and do not inflate the situation, it is best to climb up and find out what this gesture means to a person. If it so happens that your chosen one likes to please other women by nature, you will have to accept it or part with it.

Jealousy is inherent in selfishness

Many people are used to living by the principle "I,me, my, "and all they see around them, must necessarily imprinadlezhat or do not belong. It's human nature. We chastovpadaem to extremes. By the way talking person can be determined, naskolkoon selfish. For example," I need " instead of "could you" or "I hochuskhodit somewhere" instead of "do you want to go, anywhere" .Egoizm applies to romantic relationships. For example, if people begin to meet, one of them will consider each of their property, not uchityvayanichego . But this is wrong, the world - it is not the market, and for the love uzhno fight ane buy. If you think about it, and we ourselves do not belong.

If you constantly want to be near your loved oneMan is not scary, but even good. But your favorite is not a keychain and you can not put it in your purse and carry it all the time. It should be borne in mind that every person has his own personal pastimes, which one does not always want to share or talk about. Moreover, even if you are being changed, it is difficult to prove this until the person himself is unrecognized in everything. Do not need to make a fuss if your loved one is late for a date or called you back. The feeling of jealousy makes a woman draw in her head various pictures of how her lover "rest" somewhere else in a place, if he does not pick up the phone or is late. But in fact everything is much easier, perhaps, it is at that moment that he selects flowers to make you feel good.

Jealousy destroys a good relationship

Any relationship can not be called good if inThey do not have trust and mutual understanding. There will be no intimacy until people start trusting each other. Relationships in which there is no intimacy are at the stage when you are only looking at or just starting to meet. And if the intimacy has disappeared or even has not appeared after the wedding, such relations will be excruciating for both and eventually they will be destroyed.

Jealousy offends

If you are jealous of a loved one forHe really gave you an excuse and reason is justified - it's normal, but when you start jealous without a special reason - it's bad. First, you insult your loved one with distrust. But even more you insult yourself when you start jealous unreasonably, thereby you acknowledge and claim that your loved one is more pleasantly with another woman. But you are much better than other women!

Unreasonable jealousy is inherent in immature women

Many women, when they become jealous,Become similar to young children. We all watched when, in the store, the irritated mother tries to calm her capricious daughter, who requires a new toy or sweets from her. And for all explanations of the mother, the child starts to get more hysterical. He wants candy! Also, jealous women act in the role of a child, and the poor husband, in the role of mother, does not know how to calm a sobbing wife.

I would like to sum up ...

How can jealousy affect our relationship withLoved one? If the jealousy is well-founded and relevant in it there is nothing terrible, it is necessary to talk about your experiences carefully and calmly. Thus, you will show your maturity and show respect to your loved one, and in return you will gain understanding and, perhaps, even the situation will change for the better.

Do not make premature conclusions and weigh everything!

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