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What men do not like in sex?

Men do not like women who pretend that they do not like sex

Some women pretend that they do notLike sex, that they tolerate it only in order to make a man a favor. This behavior makes men feel lustful animals, which, naturally, is not very pleasant.

Indeed, sex is one of the few spheres,In which a man opens before a woman. If a woman pretends that sex is not pleasant to her and she does not want to do this, she is too embarrassed, then the man starts to close from the woman, and she gradually ceases to excite him.

Remember, a man will never open before you, if you do not understand him and can not share his desires. Do not hide from the partner your sensuality and sexuality.

Men do not like women who never show initiative in sex

Men are constantly responsiblePractically for everything in this life. If a woman wants sex, but does not show this, the man begins to feel responsible for their shared sexual life.

Over time, this behavior, as a rule, begins to cause irritation.

Men do not like women who do not know a man's body well

To begin with, women do not like men either,Who do not know the female body and think that a woman is excited immediately after she is touched for intimate places. Imagine that men experience the same thing. But if for women it is not so serious and painful, then the man perceives your attitude towards the penis as an attitude towards him.

A woman who is uncertain or wrongTouches a man, stops exciting. It's clear that you do not need to know exactly how to deliver a pleasure to a partner, but you can always ask what and how he likes. Believe me, a partner will appreciate this attitude. Remember, if you hurry, swiftly starting a sexual game with a penis, a man might think that you want sex to end soon.

A man should not be fully responsible for the orgasm of his partner

This does not mean that a man can beInattentive. Here we are talking about women who do not show a man how to behave properly, what they like and what does not. When, after a long effort of a man, a woman remains unsatisfied, she begins to blame her partner for inattention.

For a real man it's very important to deliverA woman orgasm, otherwise he begins to feel like a failure, especially if his partner also accuses him of this. If he tries, and you remain silent, without showing whether he is doing right, it starts to irritate very much.

A man is not a psychic. Many women, unfortunately, languish from dissatisfaction or pretend to orgasm, just not to tell the partner about their sexual preferences. Do not be afraid to open yourself before a loved one.

Men do not like "sexual regulators"

Men do not like it if a woman triesCompletely control the entire process of love, constantly indicating how to properly do. A man feels with such a woman as in the exam. He has the impression that he can not and can not do anything without her advice.

If your partner does something wrong, as you would like, tell him about it, but not during sex.

Men do not like insensitive women

If your partner is trying, and you do notShow your feelings, he may think that you are thinking about something else, which you do not care; That you are waiting for this all to end sooner or that you are completely asleep. Receiving a similar reaction, a man who by nature tries to succeed in everything, begins to feel like a complete loser.

Women who behave in bed likeLog, men hate with particular fury and eventually cease to desire. Learn to show your feelings, tell your partner what's good for you, what you like, but do not overdo it, because there is a risk of turning into a sexual chatterbox.

Men do not like women talking in bed too much

There are women who during sex constantlyThey say something about love, about their feelings, feelings and desires. It's clear that this way a woman tries to look emotional and sensual, but too much talk too bad.

If the partner says something, the man feelsObliged to at least occasionally respond. Constant conversations distract a man from getting pleasure, which is very annoying. He starts to get distracted, thinking what to say, instead of concentrating on his and your feelings.

If you notice a similar sinful, next time try to just sigh with satisfaction, focusing on sensations, and not in words.

Men do not like women who do not have enough time to care for their appearance

It does not mean that every womanShould always look like a model. It's enough just to be well-groomed. Men hate: unshaven legs, armpits and other areas of the body, unpleasant odor, unfashionable worn clothing, ugly or unnatural hair, peeling manicure, ugly underwear, tasteless makeup.

Try to look at yourself through the eyes of a man and see if you would like yourself. If the answer is negative, then you need to urgently give time to your appearance.

Men do not like women who do not like themselves

Men do not like women who constantly say that they look bad, as if asking for a compliment about their attractive appearance.

Remember, if you do not like yourself and constantlyBelieve your dignity, a man will eventually treat you the same way. You need to adequately perceive yourself and your dignity, without understating anything or exaggerating.

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