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Horoscope for April for the signs of the zodiac


Lovely Aries stubborn, seek a compromise with loved ones andNot really. Just believe: they love you, admire your mind, kindness and charisma. Well, in general, in April, everyone needs to be more attentive and more affectionate towards home, friends, parents and ... colleagues. The height of spring is good time!

In the horoscope for April for signs of the zodiac waiting for youDistant journeys, adventures, interesting meetings, acquaintances and small pleasant surprises! Love: you can not do without flirting in the spring ... Especially since the best way to resist the temptation is to succumb to it. Money: the financial situation is clearly improving, you can afford an interesting trip and even the purchase of a new car! Health: well-being does not upset you if you spend less time at the table and more - in the fresh air.


The middle of spring, the threshold of your birthday ... It's time to make a serious choice or a decisive step. Love: in April to you "nothing inadvertently comes across", that, most likely even for the best - appreciate the one who is near! Money: a stable, albeit not too high income will give you the opportunity to fully enjoy the spring. Health: Watch the vessels and the heart, as fluctuations in atmospheric pressure can trigger a crisis.


Deep breath - you are so impatient with thisWaited and finally you can enjoy a fairly long rest! Love: a short trip will be remembered to you by many, but especially - by acquaintance with a very nice person ...

Money: You will have to adjust the plans for purchases, since large amounts are unlikely to reach you. But not only, but in this happiness? Health: in April, your "weak link" is joints, be careful and careful, then avoid health problems.


Excellent time in horoscope for April for signsThe zodiac in order to make a "career roll" and take a decisive step in personal relationships. Love: you will be able to make sure that next to you is the same person you need as air. Hurry to tell him about it. Money: promotion, salary increase - luck is clearly favorable to you. But you can achieve more! Health: moderation in food, physical activity, trips outside the city at least on weekends - that's the key to your well-being.

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Do not look back, do not look for comfort in the past,Rely on true friends - your main task in general, and especially in April. Love: do not demand much from your new acquaintance. He can not yet understand how serious his feelings are, and is not ready for change. Money: do not chase now for additional earnings, because you can easily be dragged into an unpleasant story. Health: take care of the nervous system: try to communicate more with people who are pleasant to you, listen to good music.


Your credo of the zodiac signs for the near future -Without haste. Do not make any serious decisions. And do not make new acquaintances. Love: a little respite will not hurt you - now it's better to spend more time with friends, not in flirtation.

Money: The financial crisis does not threaten you, but a few moderate spending will be very useful. Of course, not at the expense of food. Health: It can remind you of a chronic illness, but you can easily cope with the problem if you consult a doctor quickly.


Be patient, only then can you achieve the desired result in your career endeavors.

Love: Try to overcome pride, take a step towards a loved one and be a hundredfold rewarded. Money: in April you will be able to save a substantial amount to continue construction or start repairs in the apartment. Health: your health problems are behind, now you will feel well, especially if you refrain from spicy food.


Tune in for the best for the signs of the zodiac - in the middle of spring you will again feel that friends value you, and the bosses appreciate.

Love: The beloved person will show extraordinary tenderness, shower you with presents, zakrugit in a romantic waltz ... Money: be patient and persistent, then, perhaps, will be able to earn much more. However ... not this month. Health: even now, when the winter is long behind, beware of the common cold and do not rush to part with your coat and scarf!


Believe that only kindness and tenderness can beReturn something that you are so sad about, trying to hide it from others ... Love for the signs of the zodiac: loved one is as difficult in separation as you are. But someone must show wisdom and not let your relationships die. Money: do not worry - your financial problems will finally be resolved: you will have a new, well-paid job. Health: jumps in blood pressure are possible, but all will be by the end of the month. Walk more.


Surely you have already enjoyed loneliness. And even a little sad. It is time to try to return a close friend. Love: a new novel - that's what you now need! So do not reject the courtship of a recent acquaintance - give him a chance. Money: the time of your big money projects has, alas, not come yet. So be content with those (considerable, by the way) that you have. Health: you have not been shown to a doctor for a long time, but time goes by. Go through "prophylaxis"!


Your family has long been waiting for those smallJoys that you can and should arrange for them. Holiday - for you and your zodiac sign! Love: someone from old friends will suddenly try to restore the old relationship. Decide whether you need it or not. Money: unfortunately, the project you were counting on will not bring profit. But do not lose optimism, it will still get better! Health: follow the heart: perhaps you need to review your diet and exclude fatty.


Already in the near future your sign of the zodiac,Most likely, it is necessary to change the place of work. You will be satisfied: this is what I wanted. Love: a young admirer will turn your head, meetings - only for the good. And as far as everything is serious, time will tell. Money: this month someone from your old debtors will suddenly return a large sum, which you already did not expect. Health: oddly enough, but so far it's worth putting aside sports, it's better to walk a little more.

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