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Sex for Science or Science for Sex

Sex and Physics

One of the main merits of physics in sex is,Of course, the force of friction, through which we experience a vivid sense of the process itself. However, in addition to pleasure, we also burn kilocalories. Scientists found that during the sexual intercourse, which lasts an average of 30 minutes, the body spends about 220 kcal, while a twenty-minute workout on the bike gives more modest results. At the same time, indicators can vary significantly in growth, depending on the circumstances in which sexual intercourse occurs. For example, if you have sex:

  • In a public place - 412 kcal;

  • In front of witnesses - 2,352 kcal;

  • Sex with a lover ("when the husband went to the store for bread") - 5,687 kcal.

Of course, nothing good in such an extremeCalories are not consumed, because, as it turns out, this not only spoils relations with loved ones, but also affects personal health. For example, scientists and doctors claim that most of the people who survived a heart attack had sex with their lovers, and the cause of the aggravation of the disease itself was the fear of exposure. In this case, less radical options can help. For example:

  • Vertical postures - 523 kilocalories;

  • In limbo or sex on the horizontal bar - 1289 kcal;

  • Group sex - 345 kcal each participant.

Sex and Chemistry

During sex in the human bodyA certain amount of hormones are released, which are responsible for feelings and associations. For example, the hormone of happiness or joy is endophysein, thanks to which a person feels euphoria and suppresses a feeling of depression.

Oxytocin gives a sense of loyalty and excels inThe time of orgasm in both partners is the same for both men and women. Scientists have recorded the fact that if a woman regularly and often has sex, she becomes happier and more insatiable.

Testosterone is known to be a male hormone, but inThe period of sexual intimacy, his level in the woman's blood increases significantly (if, of course, sexual intercourse occurs without the use of a condom). Together with the seminal fluid, it falls on the walls of the woman's vagina and is absorbed into the blood. Such a sharp jump in testosterone in the woman's blood improves her mood, which can not be said about men - they have a hormone level that lowers and a man falls asleep immediately after sexual intercourse.

In addition, male sexual activityDecreases after sexual contact due to the hormone dopamine, which helps the body cope with stress, as well as serotonin and oxytocin. These two hormones are responsible for sleep, and create a feeling of fatigue. But in women these hormones cause the opposite effect - they give strength and energy.

Sex and anatomy

"Achilles' heel - it has every man," -So say the scientists. By this concept it is meant that in the heel area there is a strong erogenous zone. Thus, if you relax and properly act on this zone, for example, caress or massage, you can experience an orgasm. And this orgasm will be very different from what you can experience during masturbation or usual sex with a partner.

Orgasm is an amazing feeling and mechanism,Which as well as the digestive system is not controlled. This is facilitated by the autonomic reflex of the central nervous system. The reflex of orgasm can be traced even at the earliest stages of human development, even in the womb of the mother.

Interesting is the fact that "to achieve orgasmDo not need genitals, "says Mary Roach, writer, journalist, researcher. She tells of cases when women experienced an orgasm, gently stroking their own eyebrows. And one girl managed to cause orgasm with the power of thought.

In conclusion, we can add that such school disciplines as chemistry, anatomy and physics are not so boring. The most important thing is to use the right example.

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