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Sexual temperament

Compatibility of temperaments in sexual terms

Of course, everyone will agree thatFor a good marriage is important not only a friendly understanding, but also sexual satisfaction. If the latter takes place, then, most likely, marriage is doomed to good luck. In turn, it should be noted that it is the sexual compatibility of the temperaments of a married man and woman that affects success in the intimate life of both partners.

As scientists have already proved, temperamentIs an innate factor. First of all, it has a considerable influence on the amount of hormones in the human body. Guided by this information, we can say that to increase or vice versa to reduce sexuality is almost impossible without harm to the human psyche.

There are many examples in history. For example, one very famous actress wanted to be considered a sexual diva. It was for this reason that she began to expose herself to numerous intimate pleasures. Naturally, the whole situation ended in a serious nervous breakdown.

According to the conclusion of specialists, all the representativesThe beautiful half of mankind are divided into two categories: with a low estrogenic profile and, accordingly, with a high one. The first category of women usually does not stand out with a special passion, and with the achievement of passionate orgasm there may be problems. The second - on the contrary, very energetic and in sex they have no problems.

Types of temperaments

Sexologists prefer to subdivide all people according to the types of temperament: high, low and medium. Let's consider each of them in more detail.

High sexual temperament

Stormy desire, strong pull and constantExperiments - these are the main features of this type of temperament. People with a high sexual temperament in childhood grow much faster and are already about 12 years old ready to start a full sexual life. Men of this type are constantly in need of sex, even up to several times a day. As for women, they practically do not feel the need for preliminary caresses, and in marriage, sex is paramount for them.

Low sexual temperament

It is believed that representatives of the above typeAbsolutely indifferent to sex. Moreover, their sexual development usually occurs at a later date, it is easy to tolerate prolonged abstinence. In short, sex is almost the most extreme place in life.

Representatives of the fair sex with a specialTrembling refers to the preliminary caresses. A man in turn needs to spend a lot of time in order to find all the erogenous zones. Ladies are characterized by extraordinary romanticism.

Average sexual temperament

By right this group recognizes itselfNumerous. The ordinary life of a person, referred to the average sexual temperament, looks like a cross between silence and constant passions. Usually, sex with such a person occurs no more than once or twice during the week. Most often, in the first half of life, representatives of this type of slopes to rashness and constant change of sexual partners, but to old age everything calms down.


It is believed that the ideal para-Similar sexual temperament. Also well-felt and representatives of adjacent temperament, for example, high and medium. Otherwise, the marriage will be doomed to failure.

It is interesting that a pair consisting of twoLow-temperature partners, is perfectly realized in life and their union is somewhat stronger. They first become perfect friends and only then sexual partners.

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